I'll meet you there
Il segno di dio
5.	Bajan Venus 3: the Mother
Black Fragments
In the heat of the day
The Landing
I am the land
At Colleton
Girl on the bench 2, wax resist and inks on paper
In the garden
My house
Child with red hair
The Quest: enroute
The Dreamer
Faces of A
Faces of A 2
  Stranger in Town (Swan Street 2) ,  Acrylic and metal on board, 2014, sold
        Swan Street at High Street (“I hear music” )          Acrylic on wood, 2013, $600US
Girl with Ribbon in Hair
 Potter at the end of the day 18 x 14 , encaustic US$800
 On Hope Alley (I live here)
c12. Island girl 3.jpg
Island Girl
    Swan Street at High Street (“I hear music” )
Work in progress
3.	Bajan Venus 1: the Matriarch
Waiting 2
The quest: arrival
I touch my hand....
Women's Work
c6. I hear music.jpg
  "Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave,     I am the dream and the hope of the slave I rise, I rise, I ri   se”    Maya Angelou
c8 .Letter Home.jpg
c9. Island potter.jpg
c10. In her own space.jpg
c12. Island girl 1The fisherman's daughter.jpg
c13. Island girl 9.jpg
c14. Island girl 5.jpg
c14. Island girl 6.jpg
c15. Island girl 8.jpg
c16. Island girl 7- Foul Bay.jpg
c17. Island Girl 4- orange turban.jpg
c18. Amerindian Woman.jpg
c19. Listening for his voice.jpg
c20. In my dream.jpg
c20. Study in brown.jpg
c22. Bridgetown woman 2.jpg
c22. Bridgetown woman1.jpg
c23. Woman in blue turban.jpg
c24. Blue girl.jpg
 Palimpsest 1, mixed media on canvas 56 x 28", $3000US
 Remembering 42x42, acrylic on canvas, sold
 Un bel di, acrylic on canvas 48 x 36", sold
 Sisters In the canefield 24x24, acrylic on canvas, sold
Bajan Face 1, mixed media, 56 x 31", sold
 Bajan Face 2 I am a rock, mixed media on canvas 55x24", sold
 Bajan Face 6 Black Coral,, mixed media on canvas 57x25, sold
 Bajan Face 5, mixed media on canvas,  48 x24, sold
 If women ruled the world 18x14, acrylic, sold
 In the hatshop, acrylic on canvas, 29x31, sold
 Profile on blue 20x16, encaustic, sold
 Lady in Waiting, acrylic on canvas, 24x18", sold
 Profile on gold 12x12, acrylic, sold
 Fruit Vendor, acrylic on canvas,  24x24 sold
 Unknown Princess 24x24, mixed media on canvas, sold
 The Red Hat 39x39, acrylic on canvas, sold
 The dreamer, acrylic on canvas, 12 x 12
 I put my hand on the doorknob, 12 x 12, mixed media, sold
 Black Fragments 2- The Quiltmaker, 54 x 28, sold
  And then she danced… (from Speightstown) ,  Acrylic on  canvas, 2014, sold
  Remembering (I    put my hand on the doorknob because   I   thought your hand was on the other side)          Acrylic and metal on board, 2014, $750US - sold
 Lilith, acrylic on canvas, 20 x 16", sold
At the window
Woman from Guyana
On the white chair
Island Girl 12
I am my father's daughter
Summer on her mind
African Memories
Africa on my mind
Dreams of the potter's wife
I am the land 2
Portrait of a lady
Cherries in her hair
Of grapes and garlic
Roses on her mind
Woman of St Elizabeth
We are one 1- Cambodian mother
We are one #2 - Waterloo County Mennonite
We are one #3 - Nunavut Inuit
We are one #4 - Barbados fruit vendor
Woman in white turban
Kennst Du das Land....
At midnight when nobody is listening
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